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Full Doc, for borrowers who can not do Non-agency Jumbo. More loan amount/Higher DTI/Higher LTV/ Unlimited financed properties.

Program Highlights

1) Max. DTI 55%;
2) Up to $4M Loan Amount;
3) Up to 80% LTV;
4) No MI (Mortgage Insurance);
5) 660 or higher Credit Score;
6) 6 months or more reserves;
7) 1-year tax return.

What are the differences between Non-QM Full Doc and Full Qualify Program?

In general, most of the applicants may apply for conventional Jumbo loan for purpose of higher loan amount. However, in our experiences, conventional Jumbo program is not that easy to close.

However, under some circumstances, the applicants can not qualify or proceed with conventional Jumbo program, as a result they can only do a Non-QM product to satisfy their purpose, such as higher loan amount/ Cash-out/ LTV/ Credit score, etc.

Our Non-QM Full Income Documentation is available to borrowers with jumbo loans and conforming loans that fall just outside the parameters for Qualified Mortgages. Loans in this program must not be eligible for sale to any Government Agency.

The benefits of Full Doc

1. Higher loan amount than agency loans;
2. High DTI ratio, low limitations;
3. No MI (Mortgage Insurance) needed;
4. Cash-out is allowed;
5. Higher LTV than agency loans.

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