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5 Years Fixed Rate Balloon.

30 Years Amortization Term.

4-Year P&I (Principal & Interest) Reserves Required.
Max. Loan Amount $7,500,000.

*Reserves shall be deposited into AAA LENDINGS's designated bank account (Reserve Account: Non-Interest Depository Account)

Program Highlights

Not needed:

1) Income;
2) DTI;
3) DSCR;
4) Credit Report;
5) Tax Return;
6) Employment;
7) Bank Statement.


1) Max. 70% LTV;
2) 100% Gift Funds;
3) Mixed Use Property;
4) Foreign National;
5) Investment Only: 1-4 Units;
6) Purchase & R/T Refi & C/O Refi.

General Guideline

1.Credit Standards
★No minimum tradeline requirement.
★BK/ FC / SS / DIL allowed
2.Asset Requirements
★Stated assets on the 1003 is required.
★4 Years P&I required and must be deposited in loan investor bank. (Reserve Account: Non-Interest Depository Account)
3.Appraisal Requirements
★1 Appraisal + 1007 Rent Schedule
4.Eligible Entities
★LLC or Corporation
★ Individual Borrower(s) or Trust (Revocable)
5.To open an account for reserves (not req. for submission)
★Limited Liability Company (LLC):LLC Operating Statement; Certificate of Formation; Resolution/Minutes (Current Officers and Title/Positions);EIN Copy
★Corporation:Articles of Incorporation; Certificate of Incorporation;Bylaws;Resolution/Minutes (Current Officers and Title/Positions);EIN Copy
6.General Requirements
★Foreign National: allowed - Must obtain ITIN (W-7 Form) and CPA Letter.
★POA: allowed - Only Individual Borrower(s)
★Property Type: SFR (1-4 units), Condo, Townhomes, PUD
★All Funds included EMD, Reserve, and Closing Funds must be wired from the borrower's bank account(s) indicated on 1003.

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