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Conventional loans have restrict requirements of DTI ratio/ Reserves/ LTV/ Credit situation. Generally, most of the borrowers may qualify a conventional loan with higher income and credit score. While for some borrowers, their income is lower or having variety types of income, resulting in bad tax returns; Fannie Mae loans may not accept these kind if house mortgage loans.
In these case, you may try to find out some mortgage lender providing Non-QM products. AAA Lendings now provides Bank Statement, Platinum Jumbo, Investor Cash Flow (No need employment information, No need DTI), Asset depletion and Foreign National programs. Everyone can find a appropriate product with low rate and best price.

Here are a few examples of grateful scenarios recently:
● Real estate investors with multiple properties including non-warrantable condos. ---- Investor Cash Flow
● Self-employed borrower with excellent credit whose income stated on their tax return won’t qualify them for the luxury home they can afford. ---- Bank Statement Only
● Fall-out situation where a borrower was only two years out of a foreclosure. ---- Platinum Jumbo
● A borrower sold their multi-million dollar business and then found the home of their dreams but had no source of income to document.---- Asset Depletion
AAA Lendings is a direct mortgage lender with over 20 years of lending experience. We have a group of experienced professionals providing services for home buyers and people with mortgage needs. We offer 100+ customized loan programs in conventional, FHA, VA, EZ qualified and foreigner national loans. We always put customer's needs first and provide the best customized solution for each customer.

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Post time: Jan-21-2022