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In the United States, many investors will often upgrade and replace investment houses, which will produce high value-added tax and capital income tax in the process of trading, which is very uneconomical. However, the IRS has issued a policy of legal tax avoidance when buying and selling investment houses, that is, using 1031 exchange account.
What is 1031 exchange account? Generally, 1031 exchange account is the money from selling an investment house is transferred to the 1031 escrow account, and then the money is used to buy an investment house with higher relative value. Then the sold investment house can delay the payment of value-added tax and capital income tax, and the 1031 exchange account can be used indefinitely without restrictions on frequency and frequency, that is, the tax can be postponed indefinitely, It's equivalent to tax exemption.

We offers our applicants Non-QM investor cash-flow program“DSCR” program, which is suitable for this kind of operation.

Post time: Jan-21-2022